bout to delete

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hey i got all my info i needed for this site my new one is it will be deleted at the end of today.


yupp this is the end

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yup thats it im gone thisis the last day to see this blog.mostly cuz potaatokinz is making me POed she sadi this

your being mean
good ridance!
im only saying that because you aer such a drama queen.
you saying, ‘oh! no body cares about me! oo i should feel sorry for myself! oo if i say i’m gonna quit people will say they like me! oo every one hates me! i want attention!’ stop.its really starting to get old. if you stop being dramatic, more people will come here. if you are nice to every one more people will come here. they’ll come if you dont get mad at every little thing!

you didnt see his comment cuz she is banned and now she has a new email.u have 24 hours i just need to get some info from here and i might make another one.


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ok thats it im getting sick of tired of this that my blog used to be really popular and now have 4 days to respond or im gone and i wont care cuzi ave better things to do like volleyball  im gonna try out for soccer church and other this is your last chancse so if u dont want me to leave u better comment and if u do then tell me bye!


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ok this is just ridiculous ok other people have contest and they get like over 3000 comments and what do i have


Ok I just don’t get it!!! Just about every other contest that I go to have WAY more than 12 stinking comments!!! Im just tires of it I don’t like it it makes me feel sad and mad that other people get way more than 12 comments!!! Its makes me mad enough that I will quit on the spot!!!

Protected: Bubbles here!!pass:bubbles

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Dog and Hampster treats!!

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ok i was look for easy to make dog treats and i found this one!!as many of u know i have a boxer dog jessy and i made these and she loves em!!!ok first off preheat ur oven to 375 degrees. and youll need these ingreedients

  • 1 cup of milk
  • 1 cup of peanut butter
  • 1 tablespoon of baking powder (not baking soda!!)
  • 1 cup of flour

ok and in a large bowl mix together the baking powder and flour and in a diffrent bowl mix together the peanut butter and milk then s-l-o-w-l-y pur the milk and peanut butter together with ther flour and baking powder then mix them all together for a couple of mins or until it gets thick. then pour the batter on a greased pan and put it in the oven for 20 mins.thake then out when they r done and take a pizza cutter or knife and cuz into squares.let cool then u can feed em to ur dog!!

hapmster treats-also u porably know i have 2 guinea pigsso while i was searching i found this my guijnea pigs ate these and if u have a hampster of guinea pig or any thing related try this!! take a dog treat put some peanut butter on top of it put sunflowers on it then put something else like i choped up a grape into 3 peices and put it on there and then i put a strip of lettus on top and then they ate it!!its easy and there no need to use the oven!!also its good for their teeth cuz they have to file down thier teeth somehow and since the dog treat is hard it files thier teeth some!!

Plz comment and tell me if u like this recipe!!

So mad!!

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ok potato is making me soooo mad!!!a long time ago she made a promise that when every she was gonna come to my blog every day she wasnt grounded!and so she hasnt been to my blog in like 2 ans 1/2 minths!!!!and so i went to her blog and asked y she wasnt comming and y she broke her promise!!and then she came here and called me stubborn and the someone on her blog asked who i was and she said penguinator is a person who likes webkinz (like all of us) who thinks that i never go to their blog. and just now she said to me this!! :

why are u getting so annoyed that i ‘didnt come to your blog every day’??? do you really think i want to sit at my computer all day every day and just stare at your site?
newsflash, i dont!
theres a world outside of webkinz ya’know! you dont have to get all mad because i want to have a life outside of webkinz!
i come to your site when i have extra time, i’m not going to give up my life outside of webkinz just to talk to random people that i met on a blog!
i’m not saying that i dont know you and that we’ve never met or talked to each other, i’m just saying that you could be a giant purple cat and i wouldnt even know!
so just calm down, and stop obsessing about me not coming here every single day!